Mitchell Santos running unopposed in 2019 SGA election


Mitchell Santos, a second-year creative writing student, plans to take the mantle of SGA president in the fall.

Catherine Wood and Sam Cheyne

The Student Government Association discussed the upcoming elections at their meeting today.

According to the current SGA president, Jacob Smith, for the first time in three years the candidate will be running unopposed.

“I really want to see the student government run … in good hands and with a good team of people,” said second-year creative writing student Mitchell Santos.

Similar to Santos, Smith also said he has always wanted SGA to “run efficiently.”

Santos, who is running for SGA president, is a part of the new philanthropy committee which devotes time to local charities.

Voting will take place on campus from April 1 to April 5.

Twice during that week there will be a table at both the Glen Burnie and Arundel Mills locations, however the date has not been specified currently.

Also at the meeting, a CAB representative spoke about the updated CAB constitution.

The SGA council approved their motion to put more emphasis on diversity within their club. The club now has a diversity chair.

According to the member, the chair is responsible for including any individual at AACC in their club and events.

SGA is holding their next weekly meeting on Monday March 11 from 3 to 4. Smith said attendees can expect more discussions on the philanthropy committee and budget requests.