AACC hosts online workshop series on non-traditional class advice

Ashley Sokolowski , Daily Reporter

An AACC adviser is hosting four workshops to help students succeed in online courses.

Jill Nagiel, an online adviser, held the first of four “Tips for Success in your Online Class” on January 28.

During the workshop, Nageil offered tips for both online and on-campus classes.

Nagiel said she started the workshops to “provide support for students who are taking their first online class and giving them tools and things to help and think about as they are getting started to help them be successful.”

Topics covered include tips on getting started, navigating Canvas, getting support, offline strategies for success and getting connected on campus.

Students also learned how to use the Canvas app on their phones and the calendar on Canvas.

During today’s workshop, no students attended. According to Nagiel, she has had six students participate in past lectures.

“Part of the reason we are offering [the workshop] online is because some of our students don’t necessarily come to campus for their classes,” Nagiel said. “So, by offering the workshop online we thought we’d be able to make it accessible for more students and we are offering it during each of the spring sessions of classes.”