E-Club plans Valentine event about self-care


Mackenzie Airey

E-Club members plan to have a self-care-themed Valentine event on Feb. 12 complete with healthy snacks, green juice and life advice.

Mackenzie Airey, Co-Editor

The Entrepreneurship Club, or E-Club, has started planning a self care-centered Valentine event for the upcoming holiday.

E-Club members said they plan to get students involved with health and wellness during the event to show the importance of practicing self-care and taking time for yourself, especially when you are busy running your own business.

“Entrepreneurship is a lonely business to be inside of,” E-Club President Dalton Leonard said. “As an entrepreneur, you’re by yourself. It’s you and your initiative, putting in 70 hours a week focusing on your dreams and your passion.”

He added: “Even through all of this love and effort we put in our businesses, we’ve got to be able to step back and focus on ourselves from time to time. And there’s no better time to celebrate this than Valentine’s Day, [during] the month of love.”

The “Love Yourself” event will cover topics such as how to silence your inner critic and techniques on how to live a more balanced semester and life.

Club members also said they plan to help support each other’s New Year’s resolutions by sharing health tips and serving healthy snacks and green juice to students who attend the Feb. 12 event.

Students who have started self-care businesses will participate in the event to share what helps keep them motivated in their businesses as well as in their personal lives.

E-Club has planned other school holiday events before. Last December for the holiday season, the club organized a sold-out New York City bus trip.

The organizers said events like these bring more holiday spirit to the community and help students get more involved with the school and with their classmates.

“Having festivities also helps out with … the mood with finals, too, because it’s around that time for the fall semester,” second-year Early College Access Program student Emily Shipley said. “It kind of improves everyone’s mood.”

E-Club members said they hope to bring the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day to campus with this event and help students find time for themselves in their busy schedules to practice self-care.

“I hope at this event, we take our time to recognize that while we are our business’s brand identity, that we need to take care of ourselves as well as building our business,” Leonard said. “We need to build ourselves up for success … because if something happens to us, and we fall ill, we need to be able to bounce back. And the best way to bounce back is to know your body and take care of yourself.”

The Valentine event is open to all students and faculty on Feb. 12 at 3:30 p.m. in Careers 340.