School launches 3 new fall semester classes


Daniel Salomon

Jacoby Rojas, power forward on Men’s Basketball, warms up. AACC is adding a basketball course.

Noah Reem, Co-Editor

AACC will introduce two one-credit fitness classes and a new technology class in the fall 2019 semester.

The Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies Department will add a basketball course and a high-intensity interval training class.

“I would rather take a high-intensity workout class or a basketball class than just a normal physical education class where little is covered,” Nick Moutsos, a second-year film studies student, said.
These two classes will replace the aquatic and tennis courses the college lost when it closed its pool and tennis courts in 2017.

Tiffin Bumpass, AACC’s Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies Department chair, said the 15-week classes will cover team play, skills and fitness.

“It’s not unusual for students to ask to play basketball in the gymnasium,” Bumpass said.

“As for the high-intensity interval training class, studies show that because it is higher intensity you can get the positive outcomes in a shorter time.”

The Science and Technology Department will also offer a one-credit class this fall.

The 15-week class, Introduction to Ground School, will teach students how to fly drones.

“We have the drones,” Dean of Science and Technology Lance Bowen said. “We also have the faculty who are willing to teach the course.”

The class will prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Knowledge Test, which determines if someone knows the rules and regulations for piloting drones.

AACC has 11 non-credit, independent-study courses in drone piloting.

Bowen said AACC is one of two community colleges in Maryland that offers a drone piloting certification course. The other is the Community College of Baltimore County.

“When you take a look at the use of drones across the country,” Bowen said, “it’s exploding.”

The FAA registered more than 1 million drones in the past year.

“If a student goes through our … certified program, then they can fly on campus and have access to our equipment,” Bowen said.