College runs survey on cultural spirit at AACC


Daniel Salomon

Chief Diversity Officer Deidra Dennie will be in charge of a cultural equity survey in February.

Daniel Salomon, Co-Editor

AACC will conduct a survey in February to learn if students, faculty and staff feel the cultural inclusion on campus is respectful.

Chief Diversity Officer Deidra Dennie said the survey will focus on questions relating to equity and inclusion.

Dennie defined equity as closing the gap between minority and non-minority students so they can have an equal chance of getting an education.

“Do we have opportunities for you, [the] student, whoever you are and however you represent yourself, to be your full self here at AACC?” she said.

Dennie said the survey will include questions about how students interact with one another and with faculty.

“I’d like to know from the students what they think is missing,” Dennie said.

Second-year media production student Derek Kings-land called the survey a “good idea. … They want to get better, obviously, since they’re asking other people how they’re doing with their education and what they offer. … You can always get better at what you do.”

The survey will also include questions asking students what they think about the resources on campus, such as English and math tutoring and the Health & Wellness Center.

Rosie Herd, a fourth-year nursing student, added, “The student voice is important to be heard at AACC.”

Dennie said students know when they treat others well and when they don’t. She added, “I think we have a really good thing going on here.”

Dennie said she hopes at least a few thousand students will take the survey, so college officials can know what they’re doing well and what needs addressing.

“My desire is to find out what’s going on with what students want and find out what students don’t want,” Dennie said. “We can’t fix what we don’t know is broken.”