AACC adds director of events, organizations


Daniel Nickerson

Leon Thomas, who oversees AACC’s Black Male Initiative, is the new director of student engagement.

Sarah Noble, Multimedia Editor

The coordinator for AACC’s Black Male Initiative will become the new director of student engagement on Dec. 3.

Leon Thomas will take over the position that Christine Stork held for 34 years until she retired in June. Thomas will direct the Office of Student Engagement, which oversees student clubs and campus activities.

Thomas said he is looking forward to the unique interactions he will have with students.

Garrett Hutchinson, president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, a student club, said having someone who oversees organizations on campus “take[s] the stress off of each individual club, giving time for other issues. Whether that time is five minutes or five hours, each second counts when trying to represent a small part of [AACC].”

As part of Thomas’s work with the Black Male Initiative, he also served as a student success and retention adviser for the Student Achievement and Success Program.

“Although aspects of my role with students will change [in the new job], there will be students with similar attributes as those students who participate in SASP,” he said.

Second-year music student and Campus Activities Board member Elijah Coles said he has met with Thomas for advising.

“He’s really great in Black Male Initiative and if he can do that well, he can do this well, too,” Coles said.

Student Government Association President Jacob Smith said he plans to be in “continuous conversation” with Thomas to promote student engagement across campus.