Md. Food Bank to stock campus pantry shelves


Daniel Nickerson

The campus food pantry in SUN 225 is sponsored by the Maryland Food Bank and allows students to take up to 30 pounds of food and toiletries per visit.

Sarah Noble, Multimedia Editor

The campus food pantry has joined 1,250 other food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and churches under the umbrella of the nonprofit Maryland Food Bank.

The food pantry, located in SUN 225, will expand to more than one room and will offer items like milk, pancake mix and cereal in addition to the canned foods and toiletries it previously stocked.

Under the new system, students can take 30 pounds of food per visit from the pantry; previously, they were limited to five items a day.

Although the pantry will continue to accept donations of food from campus and community donors, the Maryland Food Bank will make sure it stays stocked.

The pantry usually receives large quantities of donated food during back-to-school times and holidays.

Student Government Association President Jacob Smith said he is excited about the new sponsorship.

“Students need to worry about their school work,” Smith said. “You can’t do that when you are hungry.”