Stevenson accepts all credits for bus. admin.


Photo courtesy of Stevenson University

Students from AACC can transfer up to 70 credits from the college to Stevenson University. This is part of an articulation agreement, or course-matching partnership, AACC has with the university’s business administration program.

Daniel Salomon, Multimedia Producer

Stevenson University this semester began accepting all credits from the AACC business administration program.

AACC and Stevenson University have an articulation agreement, which is a partnership that matches courses at AACC with similar ones at other universities, so they will transfer.

“If a student pursues our business administration transfer degree, they will end up transferring all 60 credits to Stevenson,” Marcus Wright, AACC’s new director of transfer, articulation and career alignment, said. “No questions asked or anything like that.”

Wright added, “One, it guarantees your coursework, but also, students can actually come here and … take the same classes they would take at Stevenson for drastically cheaper.”

With this agreement, Wright said, an AACC business student can transfer up to 70 credits of completed coursework to Stevenson.

“If you come here to Anne Arundel Community College, you’re able to save so much money,” Wright said. “It’s about $112 per credit hour here at Anne Arundel. Mostly at four-year institutions, it’s $294 and up to about $500 per credit hour.”

Second-year business student Robbie Sullivan called the arrangement “great. Since many students go to AACC because they want to save money, this program can really help out those who determined a business major is the route they want to take.”