CAB hosts event for students to play games, connect with local business


Photo by Daniel Nickerson

The Campus Activities Board, CAB, hosted their annual Game On event, which is a partnered with an Annapolis local business, Third Eye Games.

Daniel Nickerson, Co-Photo Editor

The Campus Activities Board hosted their annual Game On event, which is co-hosted with Third Eye Games.

CAB and Third Eye offered table top games to students to play in the Student Union while they hung out and ate lunch.

“I played Splender with my friends it was a good old time,” said Stephen Foster, a fourth-year cyber security student.

“Splender is a game in which you trade gems to try and become the best gem trader in all of Europe,” said Foster. “He goes to compete against the four of the players, and it’s just a really fun game. Very simple to learn but really hard to master.”

Will Kuethe, CAB officer and fourth-year music student, was representing CAB and playing games as well.

“It’s been going pretty well. This event usually has around 20 people come looking and stopping to play games, there’s been a few more this time cause of Third Eye” said Kuethe.

The next event CAB is hosting is a winter village market on Dec 5 in the dining hall.