Full-time team sustains AACC


Nikko Maresca

The campus maintenance crew helps control the heating and cooling of the water at the college.

Nick Burns, Reporter

It takes a staff of 52 full-time workers to maintain the AACC Arnold campus.

Larry Gregory leads the team responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

In addition, Gregory manages a contracted custodial staff of 35 individuals.

In a poll of 10 students, all said the campus is clean.

“I always see the maintenance staff working so hard,” second-year student Diana Lynch said.

Mike Wise has worked on the custodial staff for more than 32 years.

Wise said he joined to “follow in his father’s footsteps.” Wise’s father worked on the facilities staff for several decades.

Wise cleans and restocks the Johnson, Math, Humanities and Dragun buildings.

“I like working here on campus, keeping the buildings clean and helping the students,” Wise said.

“I think the campus is always clean, especially the bigger buildings on campus,” said first-year student Elise Krauss.

Gregory said his staff is preparing for the winter months by planning how much salt the campus will need in case of snow.