AACC literary magazine gets new office, editor


Photo by Brooke Carneal

Amaranth members pose after their monthly open mic night event, called Coffee House.

Brooke Carneal, Reporter

AACC’s student-run literary magazine, Amaranth, got an office in the Humanities Building and a new editor-in-chief this semester.

According to Ren Bishop, the club’s layout manager, the staff used to hold meetings at different locations across campus. Now, the magazine will share a space with the Ambassadors Campus Team.

“The new room is extremely exciting,” former editor Jonas Pallaro-Sonneborn said.

“Before, it didn’t feel like we were important or a part of the campus,” Bishop said.

According to Mike Pierorazio, the club’s new editor-in-chief, Dr. Susan Cohen, Amaranth’s adviser, has “pushed for an on-campus office for 20 years.”

“The club is my favorite thing to do on campus,” Pallaro-Sonneborn, a fourth-year student, said.
Bishop said a “fundamental reason why giving the club an office space [is beneficial is it] gives people opportunities and [allows] them to express themselves.”

Pierorazio said he “became a better editor” since joining the staff.

“At Amaranth, we want to see students’ best work and there are so many steps along the way, a lack of professionalism can really take away from the art of their submission,” Pierorazio said.

Because of his new editing experiences, he said he “thinks once or twice or three times before sending out literary submissions.”

Amaranth holds monthly Coffee House events, according to Pierorazio, where students can perform “anything they’d like.”

According to Pierorazio, the last Coffee House event of each semester includes an informal reading of the magazine.

“A real treat is the visual artists will talk about their work,” Pierorazio said. “They do this thing where they step back and make critical analysis of their decisions they made while working.”

Submissions for Amaranth are open for any student or alumnus. The club will accept work for the fall reading period until Dec. 13 at https://amaranth.submittable.com/submit.