Hawk’s Nest Grille offers food for Hispanic Heritage Month

Annie Belle Neugebauer, Reporter

The Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli is offering a variety of Spanish food this week to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Grill set out rice and chicken enchilada’s in the hot bar. At the counter, students can order empanadas for a discounted price.

“The food is reasonably priced and healthy,” said third-year computer science student, Daniel Molla.

Molla said he would like to see the Grill do similar events in the future for a longer amount of time and represent other cultures.

First-year transfer studies student Deja Flack said, “I value family and appreciate when the school is involved, I think it’s important.”

According the grille’s manager Richard Buenaventura, the school board wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Buenaventura said he wanted to it because he always likes to incorporate education to the Grill whenever he can.

Last school year, the Grill offered Irish food for the week of its Heritage Month. Similar to this week’s options, there was cabbage and potatoes at the hot bar.

Buenaventura said he plans to host International Food week in the future.

“This is a great celebration, people should be proud of where they’re from,” said second-year psychology student, Marissa Parker.