CAB hosts food truck festival

Brady Reilly, Reporter

The Campus Activity Board set up three food trucks in the back of parking lot A Wednesday afternoon from 11-2.

The food trucks included Truck of Deliciousness, Pablo’s Tacos, LovePuddin, BricknFire Pizza and Kona Ice, who all gave free food to the first 150 students who attended the event. The limit was that each person could only get free food from one truck.

“It’s cool that everyone is out here together,” Sam Charles, a first-year criminal justice student, said. “It’s a better opportunity to meet new people than just sitting in a classroom… and what better way to get people to come together than with free food.”

The quality of the food was “…really good. I didn’t expect food trucks to have such great food. I was surprised,” said Matt Kern, a second-year engineering student. “The pizza food truck was my personal favorite. I’d probably choose it over most of the pizza places around right now.”

Brian Murphy, a second-year english student, who is also the on-campus marketing chair for CAB said, “This really shakes up the normal food options and hangout options for students.”

Tim Pinckney, a first-year student studying business, said, “I really enjoyed all the trucks, since I tried all of them. My personal favorite was the tacos. It’s also good because I was able to meet some of my friends out here and kind of get a break from reality.”

CAB’s next event is an outdoor movie night showing Coco, starting at 7:30 at the West Campus Amphitheater.