“Flashback Friday” concludes AACC’s Welcome Week

Alexandra Radovic, Editor-in-Chief

During this fall’s Welcome Week, AACC’s Campus Activities Board threw its first ever nineties-themed Flashback Friday event on Campus.

The Campus Activities Board—or CAB—came up with the idea for the theme after attending National Association for Campus Activities—or NACA—conference in February.

During the conference, different performers did shows to give students ideas of fun things they could bring to campus.


Leslie Cook, Program Coordinator for student engagement, said AACC’s CAB was particularly drawn to a boyband cover group, called The Boyband Project, who performed at the conference.

“[College students] especially identify with the music, cause its very young,” lead singer of The Boyband Project Travis Nesbitt said.

The group, who performed at the AACC sponsored event on Friday August 31 as part of their college tour, was one of many forms of entertainment at the event.

The Pascal Theatre, in the Schwartz Student Union Building, housed arcade machines, ski ball, snap bracelets, glow sticks, photo props, a ball pit, air hockey and a speaker to set the scene with nineties music

“There [was] a little bit of everything … games, performing, and free dinner,” Cook said.

Nikko Maresca

Adrianna Russel, a first-year pre-med student, said this event made her excited about her life at AACC.

“It seems like a lot of fun,” Russel said.

Hadiya Williams, an architecture student, also in her first year, points to the glow sticks as the “coolest” part of the event. “This is a really cool campus.”

One student brought along her 11 and 16 year old brothers to participate in the fun and games.

The arcade is my favorite … it really shows the culture of the nineties,” 16 year-old Sebastian Cordero said.

“[The arcade machines] are better than a PS4,” said his 11 year-old brother Emmanuel.