Re-designed Athletics site to launch this fall

Madeleine Pedersen, Reporter

AACC Athletics will unveil a redesigned web page this semester.  

When AACC changed its mascot in 2015 from the red, white and blue Pioneer to Swoop, a teal Riverhawk, the “colors were not changed properly” on the website, said Zach Malone, sports information specialist. 

Malone said “certain screens” on the website still feature the red from the Pioneer mascot days.  

The redesigned site will feature new colors and easier navigation for its visitors, Malone said. 

The new design will include white and teal. It also will feature Riverhawk blue and “Swoop’s beak gold” as accent colors, he said.  

Physics student Willian Johnson said the new design “sounds like a good idea” and the existing design “doesn’t seem like the best design.” 

Transfer studies student Daniele DeGrandchamp said the site “needs to be updated.” 

The background of the home page will feature black and white action shots of Riverhawk student athletes. Each time a user refreshes the page, new photos of Riverhawk athletes will appear.  

“We are considering … partnering with a streaming company,” Malone said. “If we go this route there would be a more centralized location for the game footage that gets captured when we live stream events.” 

Schedules, rosters, news releases and scores are already updated on the site, Malone said. 

AACC’s Athletics has been working with PrestoSports, a Rockville web design company.