New Canvas link takes users to ‘interest’ information

Alexandra Radovic , Editor-in-Chief

Canvas will display a new link on every student’s dashboard this semester that will lead to videos and information about possible majors. 

According to Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. Marjorie Rawhouser, the new link, dubbed “campus communities,” will support AACC’s new fields of interest program. 

Rawhouser explained fields of interest as a new way the college is organizing majors this semester. 

She said although the college will not add or remove any majors, it will organize them into fields of interest based on common skills to help undecided students narrow down what they want to study. 

Each major that links to the campus communities feature on Canvas will have its own module, which will include upcoming events and contact information for faculty liaisons. The module also will contain a brief video previewing the classes students would take within a chosen field of interest, and which types of jobs are available in that field. 

Rawhouser said all students can use the new Canvas link to explore information about any field of interest, whether they have chosen a specific one or are undecided. 

“This sounds extremely useful,” Elijah Richard, a first-year undecided student, said.  “I will  

definitely use it, because I’m undecided. …Being able to pick a field I’m interested in [using the new link] would save me time and effort.” 

Students who are not undecided will also have a link to the fields of interest. 

“Even if you have a major, you still might want to know more about another field,” Rawhouser said. 

Kevin Thompson, a first-year environmental science student, said he might consider changing his major in the future. “This will help new students figure out what they want to do, but it can also help if you are curious and looking to switch.”