AACC ESports Club raises money for charity


Raquel Hamner

ESports Club hosted a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for the “Children’s Miracle Network” children’s hospital charity.

Daniel Salomon, Digital Editor

AACC’s ESports Club raised more than $1,500 for charity in a 24-hour gaming event on April 14.

“Extra Life” is a gaming marathon which raises money for the children’s-hospital charity the “Children’s Miracle Network.”

The club set up three different livestreams, in the CALT building, through the livestreaming service “Twitch.”

According to Daniel Nickerson, secretary of ESports Club, the main livestream featured games including “Mario Party,” the online survival game “Fortnite,” and the fighting game “Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.”

The second stream, which Nickerson dubbed the “trash stream,” featured students sitting in front of four trash cans and a looser variety of games with no schedule or set-games to be played.

“My favorite part about the event has been just chilling in [the] trash stream … we goof off, and just talk and have a good time,” Dallas Coleman, a third-year music student, said.

The third stream included the fantasy tabletop role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons,” where a group of six people tries to escape dungeons while fighting various enemies.

“The new edition of DnD is the coolest thing ever cause you guys get to joke around, have fun on crazy adventures which pops out some awesome commentary,” Peter Russell, a sixth-year film student, said.