Women finish regular season with just 7 wins


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Women’s Basketball players practice for a game together before the season ends.

Vincent Moreland, Sports Editor

AACC Women’s Basketball had a rough end to the regular season, finishing with 10 straight defeats and a 7-14 record.

Last year’s team finished with a 5-19 record.

Early on it looked like Women’s Basketball was going to finish with a positive record but the team struggled in the second part of the season after a stronger 7-4 first half.

Head coach Lionel Makell weighed in on the team’s struggles.

“Some of the things that we could have done better is be more aggressive on defense and work harder on our press breaker,” Makell said.

“[We also need to work on] our leadership and getting more vocal on the court.”

Makell said he bonded with his team a lot this year and intends to be the head coach again next season.

“I enjoyed the whole season and the group of ladies and my coaching staff [and] the different personalities that formed in a short period of time to form the team that we developed into,” Makell said.

Makell said his coaching staff is actively recruiting players to join the basketball team next year.

Second-year center Cailin Jones said “it’s been a pleasure” playing basketball for AACC for two years.

“Some things we could have worked on is communication, carrying over our vitality from practice to games and endurance training,” Jones said.

“We sort of struggled with identifying our core strengths and weaknesses as a unit.”

Despite the struggles, the team had some positives during the season.

“We formed a bond that makes us more than teammates, but a family,” Jones said.

“Our hustle was impeccable and our defense really improved. We definitely set a standard for the teams that will follow us.”

Jones’ favorite part of the season was when Makell’s mother brought in deviled eggs and fried chicken.

First-year guard Hannah Lieb, who averaged eight points and seven rebounds, played well this season.

“We could have worked on our defense and offense a little more,” Lieb said.

“Some of the struggles we had was we got tired very fast and we didn’t have many subs. I loved playing with the girls and my favorite part was when we won our first game.”

At press time, Women’s Basketball was headed for a regional tournament at Westmoreland College in Pennsylvania.