Ceramics show honors challenges of mothers


The Crowns traveling exhibit includes ceramic works celebrating and exploring motherhood. Pictured here is “Protector” by Janis Mars Wunderlich. Photo by Daniel Salomon

Ashley Sokolowski, Reporter

A ceramic art exhibit about experiences in motherhood was on display on campus throughout February.

The Crowns traveling exhibit features eight ceramic artists. AACC’s Cade Gallery was the first on an eight-stop national tour.

“[The show] is so beautiful and detailed,” Perry Shaugnessey, a second-year transfer studies student, said.

Teddy Johnson, the Cade Gallery director, said there was “specialness” in arranging a sculpture show.

“I just hope that people see that it should not be taboo to talk about the fact that being a parent is hard,” Jessica Gardner, who curated the exhibit and whose work was featured in the show, said. “I feel like if you are doing it right … [it’s] nearly impossible.”

Gardner said many of the works on display represent the artists’ trials through motherhood.

Featured artist Janis Mars Wunderlich’s sculpture “Die Mutter/The Mother” represents a collision between real experience as a mother and mother figures in mythology.

“I enjoyed it; I liked all the pieces,” Tiffany Spencer, a special education and elementary education student, commented about the show.

Renee Spencer, Tiffany’s mother, said, “In each piece, I [could] feel what they were feeling, as a mom—how overwhelming it is.”