Students enroll in new sports sociology class


Photo by Gerald M. Maravanyika

Student athletes and fans sometimes use sports as a stress reliever or an escape from their daily worries.

Isaiah Smith, Reporter

The professor of a new Sociology of Sports class said his focus is to teach students how to “escape” through sports.

“In today’s polarized world, there’s such an emphasis on escapism, and people carry that into sports,” said first-semester adjunct professor Anthony Alduino, who also teaches a course called Sports in America. “This class begins to show that there is this sort of a world of politics and social issues that exist in sports. Beginning to understand that is an important element in society.”

Alduino said he decided to teach Sports Studies 200 because of his passion for the “realness” of sport and health in society.

Alduino recently returned from the United Kingdom, where he earned his master’s degree in international social policy at the University of Nottingham.

The class covers topics such as gender and sexuality in sports, the role the media play in sports and why people choose to participate in sports.

Alduino said he has not always been interested in sociology and its connection to sports.

Second-year education student Vincent Dominick said he is glad he is taking the course. “It’s interesting and unique,” Dominick said.

Alduino said the nine- member class has the potential to attract more students.

“I think there is sort of an appetite for it and I think it’s good to have a class that looks at things like gender and sexuality,” he said.

“If we use sports, it sort of opens people up to ideas we didn’t always think about, especially in the masculine culture we live in.”

Second-year business student Eric Waggoner said he enjoys the course.

“I’m excited to go in-depth about the role the media plays in sports,” Waggoner said.