Some AACC athletes have other plans when transferring to 4-year

Vincent Moreland, Sports Editor

Not all AACC athletes plan to try out for sports teams when they transfer to four-year colleges.

Some athletes said they want to focus on jobs or schoolwork. Others admitted they don’t want to dedicate any more time to a sport that they don’t ever intend to play professionally.

Men’s Lacrosse player Dylan Morton, who was recently accepted into Towson, said he will not try out for Towson’s team.

“They’re [division one], I can never play for them,” Morton said. “I would love to but I would probably play for a club team … [Then] I wouldn’t have to deal with that student-athlete bull.”

Women’s Lacrosse player Heather Verdin, said she wants to go to The University of Maryland College Park but does not want to play lacrosse there.

“This is my first season ever playing,” said Verdin. “I definitely do not have enough experience.”

Men’s Lacrosse player Nicolas Renzi said he’s going back to Maryland to play on the club team but said “hell no” when asked if he wanted to play on the division one team.

“They’re too good,” said Renzi. “I might walk on for fun, but that’s just about it.”

But some AACC athletes love the games they play and want to keep playing when they transfer to four-year schools.

Basketball guard Terry Kenner said he plans on playing basketball at his transfer school. He has not received any offers from four year schools, but he said he will continue to work hard.

Men’s Soccer right wing Isaiah Goodman has received an offer from Stevenson University and is also hoping for offers from other schools.

“I plan on going to UMD or Towson, but it depends if I get an offer,” Goodman said. “I plan on doing real estate and some other stuff. I want my hands in everything to be honest. No limit.”

Men’s Soccer midfielder Edgar Obendo said he wants to play for UMD.

“Even though it will be tough to get in, I still want to go play for them,” Obendo said. “If not, UMBC then.”

Men’s Lacrosse defenseman Justin Walsh said he would like to play at the division one or two level.

“I don’t know where yet,” said Walsh. “only Greensboro has contacted me; I hope more schools come soon.”