Library favorite place to study, students say


AACC’s Truxal Library offers students access to more than 150,000 books and 60 online databases. Photo by Sarah Sutherland

Sarah Sutherland, Reporter

AACC students said their favorite place to study on campus is the Andrew G. Truxal Library.
In an informal poll of 21 students in the SUN Building, 10 said their favorite place to study on campus is in the library because of its quiet and comfortable setting, while others said they prefer studying in the Dining Hall, outside and other spots around campus.
“[I like] the library because I have access to the computers, printers, whatever I need,” first-year journalism student Angelina Horan said. “It’s quiet and a good place to meet with classmates and friends for study sessions.”
The group study rooms come equipped with a computer, oversized monitor and dry erase board.
“[I love] the library because it’s got all of those nooks and crannies you can hide in,” second-year EMT student Rae Supko said. “It’s a lot more comfortable.”
First-year computer science student Sam Taylor said he prefers studying in the library because “it’s indoors [and] has good internet access. … It’s generally quiet so I can stay focused.”
Other students said they prefer more non-traditional places to study.
“I like to go to the [Kauffman Theater],” second-year chemistry student Wayde Presley said.
The library is located on the Quad and open seven days a week throughout each semester.