Lectures to honor MLK will begin in February


Art professor Chris Mona is the lead organizer for the Social Justice and Citizenship lectures. Photo by Raquel Hamner

Raquel Hamner, Photography Editor

A screen-printing professor and AACC’s new chief diversity officer will offer a series of occasional lectures to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, starting in February.

“This past year there has been a lot of talk about monuments, and we are lucky … to have one [on campus] of Martin Luther King,” art professor Chris Mona said. “Basically, I want to have something ongoing to honor Dr. King’s legacy.”

Mona and Chief Diversity Officer Deidra Dennie said they designed the Social Justice and Citizenship lectures to bring the campus and surrounding community together to start a positive conversation. Dr. Darrius Hills, a philosophy and religion professor from Morgan State University, will give the first lecture.

Scout Bender, a second-year graphic design major, said he’s excited about the lectures and said a “conversation is the best place to start.”

The lectures will touch on King’s “dream, about his legacy, about his vision,” according to Mona, who said they will serve as a promotion of the potential the country has to achieve King’s vision for America, and to learn from history.

“Part of the college’s mission is to develop all of us as good citizens,” Mona said. “And so, the idea of the lecture series is to focus on citizenship, because that’s what Dr. King is all about.”

“Our goal is to bring a positive message and help people find a way to support the positive news and social interactions in our community,” Dennie said.

Hills “will be … perfect to launch this,” Mona said.
“We need [these kinds of lectures],” said Johna Anderson, a first-year pre-physical therapy student, of the lecture series.
“Especially on a college campus, we need a safe space for students.”