All home games result in wins for basketball

Vincent Moreland, Co-Editor

AACC Women’s Basketball has a winning record in the first half of the season.

Last year, the team record was 6-16.

Head coach Lionel Makell said his team is doing all right.

“We need to continue to compete,” said Makell.

“We need to continue to trust each other. We’re rebounding well and getting the ball up and down the court, playing good man-to-man defense, good help defense. I’m very pleased with that. [We’re] shooting pretty good as a team from the free throw line. We just got to put it all together in one game.”

Makell said his players have good chemistry.

“They’re a fun group to be around,” Makell said. “Lot of personalities. [They] like to be upbeat and [have] good team bonding and I’m very pleased with that.”
Guard/forward Autumn Foster-Fields, who leads the team in scoring with 22.2 points per game, said her team is doing great.

“We need to work on certain things,” said Foster-Fields, a first-year sports management student.

“Offense needs to be a little better but our defense is good. We need to come together as one to win more games,” she said.

Guard/forward Daja Burnett said the team is doing great so far.

“This is one of the [most] winning seasons that they have had so far,” said Burnett.

“Our team chemistry is one of the best that I’ve ever been on. We need to work on not rushing. We do well with sharing the ball. My team cares more about others more than themselves.”