Grill sells new take-out meals

Mary Kane, Co-Editor

The Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli will sell pre-cooked carry-out dinners for $7.95 starting Jan. 17.

The low-sodium meals will not include artificial flavors, according to Hawk’s Nest Manager Richard Buenaventura.

Entrees will include chicken and pork, and vegetarian options will also be on the menu. Rice and vegetables will be among the side-dish choices.

Customers must place same-day Dinner Ready orders at the Hawk’s Nest by 10 a.m. They may pick up their meals, which they can reheat at home, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and by 2 p.m. on Friday.

The take-out meals are “perfect for a busy day,” Buenaventura said. “Students who have late classes will have a meal if they do not  have time to pick up or make dinner at home.”

Students purchasing their lunch at the Hawk’s Nest during the Winter Session said they plan to buy the pre-cooked dinners.

“If I had the chance I would definitively do that,” game developer William Holman, a first-year student, said.

Second-year engineering student Joseph Buckley also said he will buy the dinners. “Being a student who works late, I would very much so buy the take-home meals,” he said. “That would be easier for getting dinner on some of those late nights.”

The Hawk’s Nest started offering a hot food bar in September, and served  hot turkey dinners during  Thanksgiving week.

The success of those menu items gave Buenaventura the idea for  the Dinner Ready carry-out meals.