Fans play board games

Daniel Saloman, Reporter

AACC students gathered around tables and TVs to play a variety of tabletop and video games in the SUN Dining Hall on Nov. 13.

The Campus Activities Board and the ESports Club partnered with Third Eye Games to host a two-hour gaming event, “Game On!”

“We’re just getting together, hanging out and having fun,” Cynthia Murphy, a second-year early childhood education major and CAB president, said.

The event in the SUN building included card games such as “Joking Hazard,” a game by the creators of the webcomic “Cyanide and Happiness.”

Third Eye Games also brought “Secret Hitler,” a hidden identity card game.

Students also played tabletop board games like “Forbidden Island,” a cooperative hidden-treasure game for two to four players.

According to Tom Ryan, an AACC alumnus and Third Eye Games employee, student Caleb Schaeffer of CAB organized the event to “introduce people to new games.”

“I’m super excited to be back here … [introducing] people to the games that have become my life since I left AACC,” Ryan said.

The ESports Club brought the video game “Cuphead,” a side scrolling run-and-jump and the popular brawler “Super Smash Bros. 4.”