Sports fans have clubs, course variety to enjoy


Photo by Tre Mooring

McKenzie Khal, a pre-med major, is taking Cardiovascular Kickboxing, which is one of the 28 courses in the Physical Education Department.

Ryan Sullivan , Reporter

AACC offers more than 30 courses, clubs and opportunities for students who want to get active and involved in athletics.

The Physical Education Department offers 28 courses, including yoga and martial arts. Most of these courses are worth one credit.

In addition, AACC has five sports studies courses.

“As a sports guy, any time you can revolve a class around sports and sports history, to be honest, these courses are almost teaching themselves,” Duane Herr, AACC athletics director, said.

One course, Sports in America, is taught by adjunct professor Richard Hardesty.

“I took this class because of my passion for sports,” Vincent Moreland, a first-year communications major, said. “Also, I was interested in seeing the evolution of sports and what important events took place.”

Students who don’t want to or are not able to play on a Riverhawks athletic team have other outlets—like the co-ed amateur Volleyball Club—that allow them to exercise their love of sports.

“For myself, like I just want to have fun,” Jana Bruno, a second-year nursing major, said. “I have no desire to compete in a serious competitive nature. But, interacting, competing lightly and learning in an energetic, fun atmosphere is cool.”

Herr said he wants to see more casual sports clubs such as the “Adult Recess” club, which he said was on campus a couple of years ago.

The Volleyball Club is AACC’s only non-competitive sports club.

“We want to see people out there, engaged and active,” Herr said.