Womens VBall finishes season with single win


Photo by Sarah Alonso

First-year criminal justice major Sarah Jackson makes an out-of-bounds save as the Riverhawks libero. Her team only won one game this season.

Vincent Moreland, Reporter

AACC’s Women’s Volleyball struggled this fall, finishing the season with 18 losses and a single win.

“[We struggled with] our communication,” head coach Gregory McDivitt said. “I don’t think it ever got to where I wanted it to be, or where any coach would want it to be.”

McDivitt said the team’s communication improved toward the end of the season. “We kind of got the hang of it a little bit, just unfortunately a little bit too late,” he said.

McDivitt called communication “the biggest factor” in volleyball, because players need to let their teammates know whom they plan to pass to and who is expected to set or spike the ball.

“Some of the struggles we had were executing the plays from pass to set to spike,” Carly Bohlen, a second-year nursing major and right-side player, said.

Despite the hardship of the season, the athletes said they still enjoyed their time on and off the court.

“I enjoyed playing for the school; it was a great experience,” Victoria Smith, a first-year pre-med major and middle position, said. “I’ll miss playing. It was a great way to relieve my stress through the sport I love.”

McDivitt said one of the most memorable moments was when he took the team to an animal park and got to know the athletes on a personal level.

“I loved being a part of the team and meeting new people,” Bohlen said. “Of course I will miss playing for AACC when I leave.”

This was Bohlen’s last year playing for the team , as she plans to transfer to a four-year university in the fall.

McDivitt said he will return next season as head coach, and he is already looking for new recruits.

“We’re going to start [looking] now and hopefully hit up some summer leagues,” McDivitt said. “We’re kind of on the trail right now for [recruiting], since high school volleyball has pretty much [just] ended.”