Officers arrest banned ex-employee

Officers arrest banned worker

Daniel Salomon, Reporter

AACC police arrested a former employee on Nov. 14 who had been banned from campus for yelling threats at another employee on Oct 9.

Police said they found Andrew Manley on Ring Road in front of the pool after they got a call from someone who reported he was in the gym.

Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer said Manley was possibly taking a shower or trying to steal towels from the gym. Manley, a former parttime employee, did not work on campus at the time of the arrest. Kapfhammer said Manley was banned from campus on Oct. 21 after making threats of violence in a parking lot during a traffic dispute about two weeks earlier.

Police charged Manley with trespassing on campus. Campus police also banned Jason Gann, 30, from all AACC locations.

Police said Gann exhibited disruptive behavior at the Arnold and Glen Burnie Town Center campuses.

Students, faculty or staff who see any suspicious behavior or need to report a crime should use a blue emergency phone pole located around campus. They can also call (410) 777-1818 from a cell phone or off-campus phone