AACC Employment Services give tips to stand out

Cameron Terrelonge, Reporter

The AACC Employment Services hosted an on-campus recruitment workshop Monday, Oct. 30 where students could get tips on how to stand out to employers.

The Job Search Café allows students to walk in with no appointment, every Monday from 1-4 p.m. to learn how to create and market themselves as an impressive job applicant. The café is staffed with employment specialists, online resources and flyers.

“Some people want a resume or application, and we can help them with that,” Veronica Boreland, employment services specialist said. “It’s for the people who want to find jobs.”

Flyers were available with information on how to set up meetings and learn from employers by asking pre-determined questions like, “What is a typical day like in your job?” or “What makes a resume impressive in your field?”

No students attended the workshop.

“Not many people show up around midterm time because they are stressing out,” Boreland said.

The AACC Employment Services will host a workshop on Nov. 14 from 12-4 p.m. in the AMIL lobby.

Employers from different job sites will set up and recruit students and they will also answer questions for students in attendance.

Some students said they think AACC has great resources.

“AACC has great resources for students,”  Rachel Della, a first-year freshman early childhood major said.

“The resources at AACC are good,” Jake Heisman, a freshman finance major, said.

“I know [AACC] has good connections with the hospital for the medical career area and they have career fairs to help students,” Della said. “I have never attended one of the events though.”