AACC career counselor advises on finding future employment

Vincent Moreland, Reporter

AACC career counselor and academic adviser, Joan Sturtevant discussed methods students could use to connect with professionals in their chosen career fields Oct. 26.

Sturtevant said informational interviews are a good way to learn details, not necessarily available in books or online, about different jobs and companies, and network with other professionals working in those areas.

“You meet people who are in the field that you’re interested in,” Sturtevant said.

According to Sturtevant, prospective employees could use the interviews to question people who work in a particular position to gather in-depth information.

She said students could approach those whom they may want to interview at family gatherings and club meetings where attendees would not mind discussing their occupations.

Sturtevant outlined several steps students should complete before, during, and after conducting informational interviews including research, preparation for the interview, and following up.

Sturtevant, a 30-year career counseling veteran and former federal government employee, said she held the worksop because she loves helping students and those looking to change careers make decisions about their majors and pursuing future employment.

“That’s the purpose for this workshop. And that’s why I present it. It is another way to help students… explore career options.”