Academic and Transfer Advising holds ‘One and Done!’

Sarah Sutherland, Campus Life Editor

Academic and Transfer Advising held a ‘One and Done!’ Comprehensive Success Strategies workshop on Oct. 26 to help students become more effective learners.

Academic and Transfer Advising hosted the event at the Glen Burnie Town Center to allow students the opportunity to gain helpful insight on the secrets of becoming a successful student in and outside of the classroom.

The workshop gave tips and tricks on time management, note taking, learning styles, studying, test taking, and personal and academic progress.

Fran Kasinof, an AACC academic advisor and presenter of the workshop, said some of her best advice would be to allow yourself enough time to study by not scheduling classes back-to-back.

“The best way to learn things is to space out your time to study,” Kasinof said. “The sooner you can review your [notes] the better.”

Third-year addictive counseling major Kevin Davis said he attended the workshop because he wants to improve his performance in his classes.

“I want to learn to take better notes because I’m not doing well in my lecture class,” said Davis. “I thought if I come in here and learn this to teach me how to study … I would do better.”

Third-year baking and pastry major Marisely Nieves said it is important for AACC to hold student success workshops because “sometimes high school doesn’t prepare you with basic skills, so it’s nice to be able to learn them.”

Kasinof encouraged students to apply the skills they learned from the workshop into their daily lives.

Notes and resources on the workshop material were handed out to students to take home.

Academic and Transfer Advising offers ‘One and Done!’ and many other student enrichment workshops throughout the semester.