Students customized airbrush t-shirts

Sarah Sutherland , Campus Life Editor

Students had the opportunity to receive free custom airbrush t-shirts on Sept. 28.

The event drew in a long line of students throughout the day as they noticed it on the Quad while walking in between classes.

When asked about the design they planned on getting put on their shirts, students were excited to share their ideas.

“Maybe I’ll get AACC and my year,” said first year transfer studies major Elizabeth Grabau.

Kelsey Sanner, a first year sign language student said she would like to get a shirt made for a friend that had “a football team, like the Dallas Cowboys.”

The students were allowed to design the shirts however they wanted, being able to personalize them with different colors and text.

The shirts showed off each student’s personality, many of them featuring favorite quotes, nicknames, sports teams, clubs, class year, bands, and much more.

The Campus Activities Board hosted the event.

CAB is an organization that plans, promotes, and produces social activities throughout the school year for the campus community, creating student engagement at AACC.

More events hosted by CAB will take place in October.