Volleyball sets up for upcoming challenges


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Carly Bohlen (left), Cailin Jones and Brighde Williamson play against the Chesapeake Shipjacks on Sept. 12.

Vincent Moreland, Reporter

AACC Women’s Volleyball lost their fourth match, 3-0, against the Chesapeake Skipjacks on Sept. 12.

With this loss, the Riverhawks are 0-4 to start the season, but head coach Gregory McDivitt said he still has high hopes for his team to progress.

“We have a lot of young players this year,” McDivitt said. “We have a new setter so it just takes time to get used to [her] because of the communication factor.”

This is McDivitt’s second year coaching as the head coach for the team.

“I think we’re doing well; we just need to communicate a little bit more,” said second-year player and new captain Ciara Lindemann.

McDivitt said he handpicked Lindemann to be the captain because of her academic achievements and volleyball proficiency.

“She is all-around a great person,” McDivitt said. “She’s a vocal leader on and off the court and she does very well in school.”

First-year player Victoria Smith said the team needs to work on communication skills but she has had a lot of fun already this year.

“They all are amazing players,” Smith said.

McDivitt said he is optimistic that the season will end with more success than it started with.