“The Legacy of America” comes to AACC

James Haggerty, Co-Editor

The Director of the Maryland state Archives Study, Christopher E. Haley came to AACC on August 25 to talk about “The Legacy of slavery in America.”

The speech was intended to spread knowledge about former slaves and former slave owners in America.

Around 60 people came to the speech. Most who attended were faculty members who were interested in what the speech was about.

Haley said he has “always been interested in black history.” His main goals for the speeches he gives, is to “share truth, not necessarily opinion.”

Anywhere from 40 to 100 people are usually expected to attend the speeches. The time and places of the speech varies depending on available resources and other factors. Black history month is usually when the most speeches are scheduled.

Haley wasn’t sure when exactly the next speech will be and where it will be at, but he plans to continue educating uninformed minds in the future.