Bookstore to match prices with Amazon


Photo by Roxanne Ready

AACC’s bookstore will Price Match with Amazon all new books.

Elizabeth Spearman, Co-Editor

AACC’s bookstore will match prices for new textbooks this semester.
Amazon Price Match gives students an opportunity to buy new textbooks at the bookstore for a price equal to Amazon’s.
“We’re trying to win against our competitor and bring back customers,” said Jen Lin, a supervisor for the bookstore.
To receive a refund, students will have to purchase a new book from the bookstore. If they find the same text on Amazon for a lower price, they can complete a price-matching form on the bookstore’s website.
Within seven days of the purchase, students must submit a printed screenshot of the Amazon price and an original receipt to the bookstore. The bookstore will notify the student when the cash refund can be picked up, within 72 hours.
“Instead of our regular 15 percent-off sale, I feel this will encourage more students to buy [from the bookstore],” Alex Sawyer, a second-year education major and bookstore employee, said. “Because it is just starting off, it is restricted to just new books, but hopefully we can expand to used books for future semesters.”
Dr. Michael Gavin, vice president of learning, said, “We have been trying to direct an intentional discussion across all divisions on how to reduce textbook prices for students because we don’t want that to be the barrier to their learning.”
Students said the Amazon Price Match is a good way to bring in customers.
“Students will always go for the cheaper option, so it is nice that the bookstore is using [the price match] to bring back customers,” Lily Bdughan, a second-year English student, said.
Amazon Price Match will run throughout the Fall semester.