AACC hosts truck pull contest in parking lot


Photo by Courtland Brown-Tabscott

AACC’s Truck Pull event gives students the chance to speak to transport logistics specialists about a career.

Andrew Cabacar , Reporter

AACC hosted its sixth annual truck pull in the parking lot behind the Careers Building on April 20.

The AACC Transportation, Logistics and Cargo Security program had 10 teams. Each five-member team strapped on ropes, which were attached to an empty FedEx truck on the other end.

One team at a time pulled the truck for 90 feet.

“It was hard at first but once you get it going it’s a little bit easier,” said Shawn Hardesty, a sophomore business major and team member.

The first team to compete, “The Crew,” pulled the 28-foot truck through the course in 19.59 seconds and finished with the fastest time of the day.

“I went for extra credit in my Principles of Business Management class, but I think the whole business department took their classes to it,” said Cam Grant, a third-year psychology major. “If it wasn’t so hot it would’ve been a better time, but I learned that teamwork is a major key.”

Businesses set up tables at the event and set up activities on the side to teach students about the jobs, careers and terminologies of the transportation industry.

Students played a passport game to learn about the academic and career pathways in the transportation and logistics fields; competed in a load-the-truck race using the same barcoding technology as UPS and FedEx; and ran a supply-chain relay to learn about efficiencies in delivering products.

The event included a “backwards bicycle” that some students tried riding.

“I looked at that bike and I knew I couldn’t ride it,” Grant said.

The bicycle can be found inside the Andrew G. Truxal library.
Kipp Snow, a transportation, logistics and supply chain instructor who was in charge of the event, posted Facebook live coverage.