Trainer raises injury concern


Trainer Amber Kelso aims to educate faculty on concussion symptoms so they can notice them in students.

James Whitley , Sports Editor

AACC’s new head athletic trainer is a concussion specialist.
Amber Kelso, who started in August, said she intends to become more involved with professors and coaches when a student athlete gets a concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury.

“I want to better educate [the professors] on what they can expect” when they see a student athlete with concussion-like symptoms, Kelso said.

In addition to dealing with symptoms, Kelso also said she wants to work with coaches and athletes on preventing concussions.

“We like to do the best to educate athletes and coaches to do their part to learn the most proper techniques of doing the sports-specific activities, having the best proper protective equipment, the best playing surfaces, trying to eliminate as much risk from sports as possible,” Kelso said. “But as everyone knows, you cannot eliminate risk from sports completely.”

Kelso said no two concussions are the same.

“They’re like snowflakes,” she said.

The treatment will vary based on severity and the symptoms.

Kelso said she sends emails to professors who have student athletes in class, inviting them to contact her in case they notice anything out of the ordinary.

She encourages classmates and friends to confront the athlete if they notice any symptoms of a concussion.