AACC community invited to worship

Elizabeth Spearman, Campus Life Editor

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Coalition for Christian Outreach and the Baptist Campus Ministries hosted a worship night on April 3.

The night was filled with praises, worship and scripture reading.

Two bands performed covers and original Christian songs throughout the night, each group performing about seven songs.

Before and after the performances, both members of CCO and the BCM read bible scriptures of their choosing. The readings were about having faith, the power of worship and who Jesus is.

20 people were in attendance from both AACC and members of Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where CCO holds weekly Wednesday night bible study at.

“I wanted to connect with other Christians on campus, I feel that CCO does a good job in being welcoming to not only Christians but with everyone on campus,” Emily Andre, second year occupational therapy major said.

CCO holds bible study’s on Monday’s from 12:00–1:00 and Tuesday’s from 9:30–10:30. BCM also holds bible study on Thursday’s 12:30 – 2:30.

This is the second time both CCO and BCM has collaborated on a worship night.