Sculptor crafts sea horse out of ice


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Ice sculptor Bob Roberts carved a sea horse out of a single block of ice.

James Whitley , Sports Editor

AACC’s Culinary Club hosted a live ice carving on March 30 in the quad.

The sculptor, former AACC instructor Bob Roberts, carved a sea horse out of a large block of ice in front of nearly 30 student audience members.

Louise Nielsen, instructional specialist of the hotel, culinary arts and tourism institute, said the Culinary Club is trying to host an event every month.

“We’re trying to reinvent the club and include everyone on campus rather than a culinary student driven club,” Nielsen said. “People normally don’t get to see stuff like this. They have heard of ice sculpting, but have never seen it done [live].”

Last month, the Culinary Club hosted a pig butchery and served pork-related foods. This time, the club served ice cream and hot chocolate.

“I wasn’t expecting to walk out here and see an ice sculpting display,” Sophomore Kevin Walter said.
Roberts, who has been carving ice for 36 years, said a tip for students looking to become an ice sculptor is to become a good drawer.

“If you can draw, you can ice sculpt,” Roberts said.

The Culinary Club will be hosting a sushi making demonstration in May, according to Nielsen.