Campus Current asks AACC for its best pickup-line


Photo taken by Brandon Hamilton

Courtland Brown-Tabscott, Reporter

When questioned about his best pickup-line, film major Tyler Jennings responded “I don’t need a pickup-line. All I need is a look.”

“How much does a polar bear weigh?” asked photography major Lydia Cutland. “Enough to break the ice.”

Theater major Morgan Hawkins gladly stood up and said “Knock, knock,”
“Who’s there?”, replying to herself.
“Normally who?”
“Normally, I wouldn’t do this,” Hawkins joked, “but can I have your number?”

While Cutland and Hawkins enjoyed the wittiness of their pickup-lines others aren’t as proud of the lines in their arsenal.

“Are you good at algebra?”, recited Psychology major Austin Visk. “Because your replaced my X without asking Y.” Although he admits that’s his best line he still finds it too lame to use.

Many were concerned that their jokes would be to corny to be taken seriously and were hesitant to even say them.

First year Beckah Fortz said “Guess what? I’m wearing that smile you gave me,”, was a good one.

Theater major Shannon Mclwee laughed bashfully as she said “Are you a tree cause you’d make a good treat.”

“Do you have a mirror in your pocket?” laughed computer major Daniel Molla struggling to get the punchline out. “Cause I can see me in your pants.”

“If you were a pokemon I’d choose you first.”, said physics major Patrick Ryan. Though he admits he’d probably never use this joke in a real conversation.

Other students prefer lines that are blunter and find them funnier while even more effective because of it because of that.

Second-year student Jake Ewing liked the line “Is your father a baker cause you have some really nice buns.”

Transfer studies Cody Colston joked “I would call you beautiful but beauty is on the inside and I haven’t been inside you yet.”

Business administration major stated “Do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes”, was he favorite.

Some students thought a clever way to get someone’s attention was by changing the way pickup-lines work entirely.

“Hi, my name is trash. Would you like to take me out?” said second-year Ian Deppa. This is kind of line, Deppa explained, is an anti-pickup-line that’s delivered with a lot of self-awareness in how non-convincing it is.

His sister and music education major, Katie Deppa, added that “Are you a math problem? Cause you’re hard and I don’t won’t to look at you”, is another good anti-pickup-line to use.