Student club promotes nutrition

Tre Mooring, Reporter

AACC’s Health and Wellness club hosted Eating Healthy on a Budget in the SUN dining hall to promote nutrition on campus.

The guest speaker Emily Craft, an in-store nutritionist with Giant Food of Severna Park, talked to the crowd in the dining hall about ways they can eat healthy on a budget.

Craft used a Ninja Blender, to create strawberry smoothies for the audience with fat free milk, frozen strawberries and low-fat plain yogurt. The smoothie ingredients she explained were bought in bulk to save money and increase the number of single servings.

Craft called these “92 cent smoothies” because the price per serving was 22 cents of fat free milk, 45 cents of strawberries and 25 cents of low-fat yogurt. The total cost of the ingredients, when bought in bulk, was $14.43.

Patrick Rhynalds, an EMT-Paramedic and Nursing Major said “I really love the smoothies, I mean they’re tasty and that’s really great, but I’d say the bigger thing is here is the idea of a health and wellness club at the college.”

Rhynalds explained, “It’s such a great idea because there are so many people who need help getting started with fitness, because that’s the hardest part, going from no fitness and no dietary knowledge to that first step.”

Professor Deborah Hammond, advisor for the Health and Wellness club, met Craft during a tour. She would take her health classes to a grocery store for a nutrition assignment.

Hammond said, “Emily offered to come here and to do a tasting and answer people’s questions,” after the club reached out to Craft for the event.

“We do lots of community events I go to a lot of schools…and we also do media so…segments on Fox on Sunday mornings,” said Emily Craft.

Craft has been working with Giant since June.

This was Crafts first time doing a presentation at a college campus, she gives in-store classes and tours at Giant to teach customers about healthy eating.