Students seek longer hours at fitness center


Zach Tennant

AACC’s fitness center is available for use during select hours in the day.

James Whitley , Sports Editor

Some AACC students who work out at the fitness center want it to stay open longer each day.
Fitness enthusiasts told Campus Current fitting their workout schedules around limited gym hours is difficult.

From Monday through Friday each week this semester, students can work out at the fitness center for 15.5 hours. And on Saturday, the fitness center is open for three hours in the morning.

In addition, only faculty members and staff can work out from noon to 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hours may change next semester, according to Nicole Reed, the manager of the aquatic and fitness center.

Reed said she plans the fitness center hours around health classes taught in Room 213 in the gym. Fewer classes mean longer fitness center hours.

“We have it open literally as much as possible based around classes coming first,” Reed said. “Every hour that remains in the day, we have it for open hours.”

Bryson Spaulding, a sophomore computer information systems major, said he would like to have longer hours at the fitness center so he could fit his workout into his schedule.

“I would like [longer hours at the fitness center] so I don’t have to plan around my schedule,” Spaulding told Campus Current.

Alex Sigba, a freshman engineering major, said he would like more time at the fitness center to get in better shape.
“I would like more time to focus on my other muscle groups,” Sigba said.

Upon signing up for the gym, students and faculty must sign a waiver, and present a valid AACC ID card.