Students not in rush to plan out Spring Break


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Most students say it is too early to plan for the upcoming Spring Break, starting March 13.

Chase Ellington , Reporter

For many AACC students, planning for this year’s Spring Break will be a last-minute chore.

In an informal poll of 20 students, nine said they haven’t decided what they will do during the week of March 13, when classes are canceled. Six others said they will travel, and five are planning to stay home.

Some said it is too early to plan their break activities.
“I don’t know [what to do] yet,” said Nika Vega, a transfer studies major.

Others have not put any thought into their plans.

“I haven’t really thought of anything [to do],” said Destiny Simmons-Harper, a pre-veterinary major.”

Other students explained how they might wind up staying home.

“I’m so lame, so no I don’t [have plans],” said Jessica Strauss, a transfer studies major. “Staying home; that’s probably gonna happen.”

Staying home during the break offers students a chance to catch up on their homework, but not everyone uses the break to study.

“I usually go on a cruise [during spring break], but not this year,” said Lindsey Kroh, who has not chosen a major yet. But she has no plans to spend the break on school work.

The students who plan to go out of town over the break will spend time with family and friends in states like Florida and West Virginia.

Biology major Johanna Salazar is going to Disney World, and Amy Vonludwick, a business management major, is spending time with family in Maine.

“I’m going to do some outdoor activities and visit family,” Vonludwick said.

Some faculty on campus have observed that students miss more classes as spring break approaches.

“The majority of students do just fine and continue to show up to class,” said Dr. Rachelle Tannenbaum, a psychology professor. “There’s just a few [students] who take spring break earlier than they should.”

Spring Break starts March 13.