University transfer advisers on campus offer help


Photo by Nyia Curtis

Liz Murdock LaFortune is a pre-transfer adviser from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Trevor Gardner , Reporter

AACC brought in a pre-transfer adviser from the University of Maryland, College Park in February to help students move to the university.

Liz Murdock LaFortune, the adviser, helps students apply to the university, figure out which classes to take here and which of them will transfer, and encourages them to apply for the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program. This program guarantees qualified AACC students admission to the university.

“I am here to complement—not replace—the work of the AACC advisers,” LaFortune said. “It is very important that students continue to work with their AACC advisers.”
A pre-transfer adviser helps students make decisions and plan for the next rung of their education,” LaFortune explained.

AACC students offered mixed reviews on advice their AACC advisers give them.

“I feel like [AACC advisers] are more dumped down on us staying here and getting that degree from here,” Amanda Robinson, a fourth-semester student, told Campus Current.

But sophomore Alex Sawyer said AACC advisers do a good job of helping students get ready for four-year universities.

LaFortune’s office is located in the Student Services building, with other advisers from Virginia Tech and University of Maryland, University College.