SGA searching for new leader


Photo by Brad Dress

SGA President Nick Nadeau will be transferring in the fall.

Elizabeth Spearman , Campus Life Editor

The Student Government Association is looking for candidates to run for SGA president.

To run for president, a candidate has to have been a student at AACC for at least one semester and have at least a 2.25 GPA. In addition, candidates must have completed at least 67 percent of the classes they have attempted at AACC.

Candidates should also be involved in clubs and other campus activities, and plan to attend AACC through May 2018, which is when the new president’s term will end.

“An ideal candidate should be involved and know what is happening in and around campus,” Chris Storck, director of student engagement, said.

Nick Nadeau, the 2016–2017 SGA president, ran on a platform to increase student involvement throughout the school.

Since he took office in the fall, “five new [student] organizations have been formed,” Nadeau said. “I have tried to raise more awareness for scholarships, and student involvement has increased.”

The SGA president is the organization’s official representative when meeting with the Board of Trustees and the administration.

If only one person applies for the position, that student will automatically become president. If more than one candidate emerges, all will campaign for the office and students will decide which one to elect.

“My advice for the next president is not to be afraid to talk to the students and to make connections with everyone on campus,” Nadeau said.

Calvin Williams, a second-year student, also had some advice for the next SGA president.

“I would like to see more student activities be held at the Arundel Mills and Glen Burnie campuses,” he said. “Having a majority of my classes out there, I feel that I miss most of the activities that happen at the Arnold campus.”

The presidential application deadline for students is April 3.