Universities round up JUCO athletes

Megan Ladabouche, Reporter

Several AACC student athletes are considering offers from four-year universities, the college’s athletic director said.

Duane Herr said four-year college coaches are looking at student athletes from AACC Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Men’s Lacrosse.

Women’s Volleyball 1st Team All-Region and outside hitter Nicolette Powell is considering an offer from McDaniel College, Herr said. Men’s Basketball forward Marcus Dentley also has drawn interest from other schools, according to Herr.

“I think more and more, because of the cost of schools, a lot of four-year colleges are looking at community college as a place for them to recruit,” Men’s Soccer head coach Nick Cosentino said.
Four-year universities usually do not start recruiting athletes until their second year in college, Cosentino said.

Cosentino said two second-year soccer players received offers from four-year schools, including 2nd Team All-Region and center-midfielder Brandon Long and 1st Team All-Region and forward Christian Masters.

“I’ve been contacted by a couple of four-year schools to play at. … I haven’t decided on where I’m going to go next year or if I am going to continue to play [soccer],” Masters said. “But if the right opportunity comes along, then I would look forward to playing.”

Men’s Lacrosse head coach Joseph Stanilaus said his athletes are considering offers to other schools as well.

“We have several players this year that are looking at a four-year [university] and will be moving on to the next level,” he said.

Stanilaus said he uses his contacts at four-year schools to give his athletes the exposure they need to move on to the next level of lacrosse.

“If they’re definitely interested in going to a four-year school you have to make sure that you have that contact with the four-year coaches,” Stanilaus said, “building that relationship with the schools and their coaching staffs, and then finding the proper fit for that student athlete.”

Other student athletes are good enough to play at a four-year college level, Cosentino said; however, they prefer to focus on their classes and school work instead.

“I want to focus on my education and I think that if I played soccer for a four-year it would be hard to balance my book work and sports,” sophomore Men’s Soccer midfielder and 1st Team All-Region Garrett McLendon said.

Herr said he and the coaches do everything they can to promote a student athlete who wishes to continue playing the sport at a four-year school.