Rock ‘n’ roll set for History Club


Photo by Judi Handel

The History Club will be hosting a live concert on campus in the spring semester featuring The Vibesmen, a reggae-and-rock band featuring AACC students.

Tony Petro , Reporter

The History Club at AACC is switching its focus from baseball to rock ‘n’ roll for the spring semester.

The club changes its theme each semester. In spring 2016, club members focused on Shakespeare, while in the fall, they spent time discussing baseball. This semester, the students and faculty involved in the club chose to highlight the history of rock music.

“Music provides an interesting reflection on society,” faculty adviser Dr. Richard Hardesty said. “Artists use music to express racial divides, class divides and as a form of protest, expression and escapism.”

The club will air films so members can discuss their historical significance, Hardesty said.

The films will highlight a specific decade of music, with selections including “Saturday Night Fever,” and “Straight Outta Compton.”

Aside from discussing films, the club will take a trip to Washington, D.C., to visit the Newseum later in the semester. The Newseum is hosting an exhibit about how artists used rock ‘n’ roll as a form of protest.

“Music is a part of our everyday life, culture and history,” History Club President Lucas Baker said. “Music changes as society does, and it is really important for everyone to see that. It’s a form of expression and communication.”

Club members plan to start discussing rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s and work their way to modern music and other genres that are more popular today than they were in the past, such as hip-hop and rap.

Conor Kelly, History Club treasurer, expressed that discussing the topic of rock ‘n’ roll for the semester is especially interesting.

“I am very excited about the topic change,” Kelly said. “Rock has taught a lot of valuable lessons over the years with the messages in the songs. I think it is very important for people to see how it has changed.”

The club will also host a live concert on campus.

The concert will feature the Vibesmen, a reggae-rock band that consists of students who attend AACC.

“Playing at AACC is a good way for the band to get people who are our age to check us out,” said Nick DePietro, the singer of the Vibesmen and third-year student.

The concert will be on March 22 in the Quad in front of the Careers building.