AACC gets new tech upgrades


Screenshot courtesy of AACC Public Relations and Marketing

AACC’s Public Relations and Marketing department are asking students to review and test the redesigned AACC website.

Tony Petro & James Whitley, Reporters

AACC’s internet services will be faster and more reliable beginning this semester.

The Board of Trustees in December approved a contract to upgrade internet service on campus beginning last month.

The bandwidth of the campus internet will increase from 100 MB to 1 GB, which refers to the amount of data storage on computers and cellphones. The $295,000 upgrade will also result in easier access to cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365.

Chief Technology Officer Shirin Goodarzi said by increasing the bandwidth, she wants to offer the best service to the students.

“Our goal is to serve our students,” Goodarzi said. “We want them to have the best tools to succeed, so that’s how we contribute.”

Katherine Weaver, a homeland security major, said she doesn’t have any trouble with the internet.

“It’s pretty good,” Weaver said. “I don’t have any problems with reaching websites and downloading stuff.”

In addition, AACC’s website is set to relaunch in April.

Dan Baum, executive director of public relations and marketing, said the new website is much easier to use and looks more appealing.

“We completely redesigned the site,” Baum said. “The new site aims for easier navigation, easier access to AACC’s social media accounts and a much more contemporary, fresh and accessible design.”

The website, however, is still a work in progress. Baum said the first round of testing by the public relations and marketing and IT teams will finish up before February. Afterward, the site will proceed to other departments for a second round of testing. Finally, the students will evaluate the site.

Students who are interested in volunteering to evaluate the new website can sign up at prm@aacc.edu, the official email for the coordinated project.

“Right now, the website is like a big hot air balloon being held down by sandbags,” Baum said. “Each test and evaluation releases those sandbags and in April, the balloon will lift off.”