Campus Current cherishes our environment; just take a look


Photo by Britney Pieraldi

The AACC Arnold campus sheds its fall coat as the seasons change.

Campus Current staff

There are soaring trees and beautiful brick buildings, lined and well-kept walkways, arching statues of art, and gazebos for students to flock to and converse with their friends.

This description details the campus. Beautiful, right? On campus, we are blessed to have such a glorious setting, complete with study rooms, an amphitheater, and by golly, even a bridge spanning over a nature trail.

If you don’t realize it, do so now. We have an amazing campus environment that is easily accessible and welcomes students with open arms. It is easy to traverse, to learn, and it definitely isn’t too big for students when we’re running late; we can still make it to class on time if we run—even if we have to go all the way across campus.

Campus Current is in deep, infatuating love with AACC. Call us love sick, but AACC, compared to other community colleges in the nation, is like the prettiest one of a group of very pretty girls, with flowing blonde hair, silky smooth tan skin and blue eyes like the Caribbean ocean.

AACC functions almost like a full-blown college, and many would be lost in believing it is if the words “community college” were not stapled across every building you go to.

The outside campus isn’t all we have at AACC. If it were, our boasting would stop right here. But we have high-end Apple Mac computers; a couple of fast-food restaurants because we college kids are bottomless pits; green bean-bag chairs overlooking a Martin Luther King Jr. statue—and yes, we have an MLK statue on West Campus.

We hope it is sinking in by now. We’re not even at the good stuff yet.

Did you ever notice the towering art statue in front of the Careers Center?

And here’s a really good one: We have an observatory on our main campus.

We would like to give a special shout out to the staff, which is equally as glorious as the campus itself; the staff from every department and job, from the police department to the administrators.

They work hard to keep this campus afloat and they treat us with as much love and care as our own mothers.

So maybe next time you set your two feet on campus, take a brief look around. Soak in the environment, the staff and the buildings. You might just smile a little.